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John and EJ Craig

John and EJ Craig - 2

John and EJ Craig make a great team when it comes to business, writing, designing and inventing things.

From books to electronics and most recently, a revolutionary bike brake light that has just come on to the market, EJ and John Craig continue to work to make new things that make the world a better place!

H. Michelle Mitchell

H. Michelle Mitchell - 1

Ms. Mitchell is an hilarious author with a slight tendency to the crazy.

Coming from a family that drove her crazy first, she decided to use humor to restore her sanity - or at least share a little of the crazy! Her first book How to Drive Your Family Crazy - for fun and profit is a humorous look into today's family.

You'll recognize the players in her stories and maybe even see yourself there too. Her ideas - whether you take action on them or not - will make you laugh just imagining how they'd play out.

Sparkle Phillips

Sparkle Phillips - 2

Sparkle Phillips is an amazing woman, but wishes to live out of the public eye, so she writes under a pseudonym.

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