Secrets to Creating Passive Income

Passive Income
greater than Expenses
equals Financial Freedom!

The financial gurus of our time teach that your wealth has to work for you if you are ever to reach Financial Freedom. Passive Income is the best way to accomplish this.

When you think "passive income," most people think stock investing, real estate investing, book royalties or savings accounts. Those are all good, but only represent a handful of the potential passive income streams that are available to you.

This book is intended to get your creative juices flowing, give you ideas, tools and resources so that you can increase your passive income up to the point where you're financially free. There's an old silly saying, 'The one who dies with the most toys - wins!' We'd like to replace that commonplace saying with one that makes a lot more sense:

'The one that gets financially free first, wins!'

Secrets to Creating Passive Income

  • I wanted to make more money, but didn't know where to start! Thanks for all these great ideas where I can work in the areas that I already know about. So many of these 'new money' concepts force you to learn their stuff whether it is interesting to you or not! Thankfully, this book gives ways to make more passive in areas I'm already an expert in! ----Phillip, software
  • Most everyone needs to make some more money, this book is loaded with tons of ways to do so - using the resources you already have. Do the things you enjoy - and make money at the same time! What a concept! Brilliant!!! You can work this without investing any of your own money, just your time... It can help you get through the tough times coming, if you get started NOW! --Kisha, student

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