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You will learn which of your ideas, experiences and opinions have merit and can easily be transformed into a residual income opportunity for you. You’ll learn how close Insta-Cash really is and how to tap into it.

This is a 90-minute course, broken into 10 lectures. There are 4 accompanying PDF's full of resources for your use to create your multiple streams of income.

After you go through the Idea Fest and Insta-Cash lectures, you’ll see the potential profit centers that you can tap into. Using your Self-Inventory information, you’ll be able to identify the things that you can do to start flowing more money to you instantly.

Side note: Our video editor, just doing some fact checking while publishing this course for us, ended up making over $200 by following one lead. It’s just that easy...

EJ Thornton & John Clark Craig have written dozens of books between them and helped hundreds of authors realize their dreams. After teaching those authors how to capitalize on the income streams that are generated from having a book project, they realized that you don’t have to have a book project to capitalize on this money. You just have to have an idea. Using their real-life experience as a case study, they demonstrate how quickly and easily anyone can start creating their own new paychecks. They then ask you to compare your life experiences with their’s, so that you realize how much you have to offer this world. Then they give you the tools to start mining your own money.

Bring your creativity, imagination, and fun attitude to this class. This classs is unique and different in the fact that you don't need to bring money to the table (as you do with a real estate/stocks/MLM course). In this class the investment is in you!

How to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Based on 13 user ratings
  • Fabulous course!
    This was the first course I completed on (even though I've bought about 15) because it was just so interesting and inspirational! Love the ideas and it has certainly given me much to think about and expand on! Thank you for the great course and the wonderful inspiration.
  • Plenty of ideas
    Enjoyed listening to this. It inspires you with plenty of options to consider.
  • Wow this will get the creative juices flowing!
    This was such a great class! I didn't want it to end. This will wake up your imagination and get you excited for sure.

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