How to Drive Your Family CRAZY

Enjoy a trip through your imagination where you get to drive your siblings/family crazy and sit back and enjoy the show... better yet, you could make some cash while you're doing it?!?!?!?

Where do I sign up?

This book is a commentary on dysfunctional families and how to cope with them if you have to go on vacations with them or stay with them while you're vacationing.

It is a way to cope if you're obligated to participate in "Forced Family Fun"!

This book, whether you take it seriously and implement some of the strategies or not, will make these family gatherings a lot more tolerable because you have a new way to look at it, classify people and show up.

Most people who would implement these techniques would do it just for fun, but truly, the 'profit' part is real... Check it out!

How to Drive Your Family CRAZY

  • Totally hilarious and useful at the same time! This book got funnier and funnier as I read through it. I totally believe all the silly tactics will absolutely work as you watch the others rise to the occasion, with their own buttons pushed, trying to push yours, and you couldn't care less (grinning madly inside the whole time).
  • A Humorous look at family dynamics. This book is a great reminder to not take ourselves so seriously and to have fun with and in our lives. So often family stuff can really push our buttons. However, there are more useful choices (responses) we can make in these situations that contribute to the quality of our lives. This book helps you to do that!
  • Just another way to torture the next generation. Some of the scenarios are too complicated to pull off readily. Finding it fun...

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